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It takes a village to raise a startup.

Supporting innovators who are addressing critical global challenges and building new groundbreaking businesses demands a collaborative effort and we are looking for partners like you.

Build partnerships to fuel innovation with Innovation Factory

Welcome to our Partner Program​

At Innovation Factory we work with an esteemed community of partners who believe in investing beyond their immediate bottom line. A diverse array of individuals and organizations — purpose-driven firms, visionary executives, investors, philanthropists, policymakers and elected leaders — all collide within the Innovation Factory ecosystem, creating real, shared value, both for each other, our ecosystem, and for the future.

Become a partner with Innovation Factory and join a shared commitment to create substantial social, economic, and environmental impact at scale. Help us shape a future of innovation and positive change that extends across diverse communities and stakeholders.

Interested? There are a few ways you can become a partner and get involved with the entrepreneurship community.

Ignite innovation in the Greater Hamilton Area

Join our vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem as a valued partner and together, let’s shape the future of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business in the Greater Hamilton Area as we bring new innovations to Ontario, Canada and the world.

We want to work with companies who see the future and want to help build it. Whether you’re a company looking to provide valuable resources and services, or an organization seeking to make a profound impact, our partner program offers three distinct levels of engagement: Community Resources, Collaborators, and Visionaries.

Community Resource Partners

Make a meaningful contribution to our startup clients and gain valuable exposure for your company.

Collaborator Partners

Have a direct impact on our clients by supporting unique programs that promote business growth.

Visionary Partners

Support ongoing programs or work with us to build something new. Fuel solutions and shape innovation.

Community Resource Partners

Annual investment starting at $500 CAD

Support emerging businesses as a Community Resource Partner. Showcase your expertise to startups, amplify your brand in the innovation community, and foster growth in the Greater Hamilton Area. Enjoy benefits like prominent listings, inclusion in onboarding packages, and exclusive event discounts. Let’s drive innovation together!

Collaborator Partners

Annual investment starting at $10,000 CAD

Shape the future of entrepreneurship as a Collaborator Partner. Have a direct impact on client businesses and the innovation ecosystem. Enjoy enhanced collaboration, exclusive networking, and thought leadership opportunities. Receive direct client introductions and engagement, marketing exposure, involvement in unique programs, and more. Let’s unlock endless possibilities together!

Visionary Partners

Annual investment starting at $25,000 CAD

Fuel the future of innovation as a Visionary Partner. Directly fund services and programs addressing dynamic challenges and enhancing local, provincial and national ecosystems. Shape the entrepreneurship landscape, gain impactful engagement, and enjoy prominent recognition on a big stage. Let’s unlock boundless potential together!