Visionary Partnership

Visionary Partners typically range from community based institutions to international enterprises who see a definitive challenge, whether in their business, in our ecosystem, our community, a given industry, or on a global scale. Visionary Partners want to create solutions.

Whether through an active Innovation Factory program, or supporting the development of something completely new, Visionary Partners provide key funding that supports our function as service providers; planning, developing and delivering innovative, programmatic solutions to business challenges.

Visionary Partnerships with Innovation Factory

As a Visionary Partner, you will...

Fuel solutions

Your investment directly supports services and programs tailored to address pressing business challenges. Together, we foster a thriving environment where startups can flourish and overcome obstacles, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Shape the innovation landscape

By partnering with us and channeling your resources, you actively contribute to strengthening the innovation ecosystem on a local, provincial and national scale. Your vision becomes a driving force behind pioneering breakthroughs and transformative ideas.

Impactful engagement

As a Visionary Partner, you’re at the forefront of shaping the future of entrepreneurship. Engage in high-level discussions, collaborate with influential thought leaders and join forces with a dynamic community united in their passion for progress.

Recognition and exposure

Benefit from prominent recognition for your visionary commitment. Your brand will be showcased across our marketing channels, underscoring your pivotal role in supporting innovation and shaping a brighter future.

Become a Visionary Partner

Join us as a Visionary partner and be the driving force behind innovation’s transformational journey. Together, we’ll cultivate a powerful ecosystem that propels businesses to new heights and positively impacts communities far and wide. 

Dependent on the scale of investment, Visionary Partners receive:

  • Listing on the Resources and Opportunities library of our website.
  • Listing as a Visionary Partner on the Partner page of our website.
  • Included in our Venture Growth onboarding package as a support service available to clients.
  • Call-outs and features across our marketing channels.
  • Branded program funding recognition.
  • Direct involvement in our portfolio of unique programs.
  • Direct client introductions and engagements.
  • Exclusive ecosystem access, connections and introductions.
  • Speaking engagements, workshops and panel discussions.
  • Thought leadership content via our robust, online learning platform, Academy at Innovation Factory.
  • Exclusive discounts and recognition at events and programs offered by Innovation Factory.

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