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Our network of companies love to meet up-and-coming innovators like you. As an iF client, you can participate in some of our peer networking opportunities.

Femtech innovation network

The Femtech Canada network exists to inspire entrepreneurs like you, to lead in women’s health innovation. This peer network connects Canadian femtech companies with the resources and recognition you deserve. 

Femtech includes products, services, diagnostics, and software that addresses health and wellness concerns that solely, disproportionately, or differently affect women, girls, non-binary folks, trans people, and those assigned female at birth.

Join Femtech Canada and become a part of our growing, resourceful community, inspiring the femtech entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Life science CEO meet-up

Navigating the complex journey of scientific validation, patent applications, regulatory compliance, clinical trials, and securing sufficient funding can make bringing a life science innovation to market incredibly challenging. The Life Science CEO peer meeting connects you with like-minded innovators and professionals who share insights and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Participation in the Life Science CEO meet-up is by invitation to Innovation Factory clients.

Life science ecosystem network

The Synapse Life Science Consortium network fosters connections between your life science business with research and healthcare professionals, and leading industry firms. The Synapse Consortium is the premier cluster organization dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration within Hamilton’s vibrant life sciences sector. 

Join the Synapse Consortium and become a part of our growing, collaborative and connected community of life science professionals.

Sports innovator peer network

If your company specializes in sports and fitness innovation, whether it’s analytics, gear, or e-sports-related products, consider joining our sports/fitness peer group. Connect with like-minded companies in your industry, explore programs and funding opportunities, and attract investors in the sports industry.

Apply to become a client and join our network for sports innovators and grow your business in this unique sector.

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