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Pocketed helps thousands of small and start-up businesses, just like you, access billions of dollars in untapped non-dilutive funding available every year. Through their (free to use) intelligent matching platform, you are provided a curated list of grants, tax credits, and competitions eligible to your business. You can then access the support you need to get funded through grant writers, legal experts, and more.

Innovation Factory clients receive exclusive access to their basic platform and incentives on their premium Pocketed+ service, such as 25% off upgrades to Pocketed+ (with your referral code), 50% off the first grant through our Managed Solution (with your referral code), 50% off unlimited paid consultation.  Access these perks when you sign up using the referral code: InnovationFactoryX.

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Quick Facts

  • Provides assistance in funding
  • Leverages intelligent matching platform
  • Custom curated list of grants
  • Access to expert support
  • Discounts on premium services