Collaborator Partnership

Are you ready to take a more active role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship? As a Collaborator Partner you receive a deeper level of engagement that enables you to have a direct impact on our client businesses and the innovation ecosystem. Our Collaborators support unique programs that promote the commercialization of our client businesses and growth of our broader ecosystem.

As a Collaborator, you are looking more deeply at the development of innovation and new businesses in your community. You see the value that such development brings to both your own bottom line and to the economy, from the local to international markets. You see the big picture and the breakthroughs that build it.

Collaboration Partnerships with Innovation Factory, Hamilton's business entrepreneurship accelerator

As a Collaborator Partner, you will receive...

Enhanced collaboration

Work closely with our startup clients, offering your expertise, mentorship or resources. By leveraging your industry knowledge, you’ll actively contribute to their growth and success.

Exclusive networking

Gain access to a selective network of influential entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders. Engage in high-level discussions, forge strategic partnerships and explore new business opportunities within our thriving community.

Thought leadership opportunities

Showcase your organization’s expertise through speaking engagements, panel discussions and thought leadership content. Position yourself as a key player in the innovation landscape and build credibility within the startup ecosystem.

Become a Collaborator Partner

Join us on our mission to shape the entrepreneurial landscape of the Greater Hamilton Area. Become a partner today and make a lasting impact on the future of innovation. Together, we can unlock possibilities and pave the way for a vibrant and thriving startup community.

Dependent on the scale of investment, Collaborator Partners receive:

  • Listing on the Resources and Opportunities library of our website.
  • Listing as a Collaborator Partner on the Partner page of our website.
  • Included in our Venture Growth onboarding package as a support service available to clients.
  • Direct client introductions and engagements.
  • Call-outs and features across our marketing channels.
  • Direct involvement in our portfolio of unique programs.
  • Speaking engagements, workshops and panel discussions.
  • Thought leadership content via our robust, online learning platform, Academy at Innovation Factory.
  • Collaborator member discounts on events and programs offered by Innovation Factory.

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