VoxNeuro tech points to data-driven future of brain health

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, canhealth.com, November 4, 2021

VoxNeuro brain health

VoxNeuro is ready to change the way brain health is managed and treated across the globe. Today’s cognitive assessments are reliant on subjective measures like patient self-reporting and observed behaviour, opening the door for faulty results. The types of brain health assessments using objective measures that are available today, such as MRI or CT, only scan for structural issues (e.g. lesions in brain tissue, brain bleeds, or damage to the skull) and cannot provide an understanding of a brain’s cognitive health.

Enter VoxNeuro. The Canadian neuroscience and health tech company has developed a 30-minute, non-invasive Cognitive Health Assessment that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record tens of thousands of data-points from a patient’s brain waves while they perform a series of tasks on a computer. The company’s medical software, the Cognitive Health Assessment Management Platform (CHAMP), then rapidly analyzes, transforms and compares the patient data to a database of healthy cognitive function.

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