Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2022

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE, disruptorsmagazine.com, 2021

Primarily male-dominated entrepreneurial ground has seen some of the most incredible innovations when women have set their foot into the industry. Today, their entrepreneurial ideas have been evolving various business domains in no time and, their leadership has become an inspiration for many budding female entrepreneurs out there….

Madison McBay

Madison is an innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder of TAMVOES, she is regularly recognized for being a young and driven female entrepreneur. At age 20 she began scoping, envisioning, and managing the development of the health technology platform, TAMVOES which allows users to securely store and share their personal health information. After 2 years of rapid iteration, TAMVOES has grown exponentially and was recognized as one of the Top 17 Tech Startups in Waterloo, Ontario. While completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo and growing her team to over 14 employees, she also received an honorable mention for Co-op Student of the Year.

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