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Cion Studio


Cion Studio build and host apps, websites, and digital products so companies don’t need to hire a full time development team. They also offer search engine marketing, social media ads, as well as content creation. Enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated product development and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost.Visit their company website here

The Perk

Cion Studio is offering the following perks to IF clients: 


  • Design for one home page or landing page
  • Review and give feedback for your company’s app or website


  • A free marketing consultation where we help you come up with the best strategy for your business


  • Set up your app/website on the Cion Studio hosting platform (build on GCP) for free, and set up continuous deployment and automatic testing. This includes one staging environment and one production environment (Cion Studio doesn’t cover the Google Cloud Hosting bills)
  • Cover setup costs and any maintenance/monitoring cost for the first month. After one month, paying Cion Studio to maintain your infrastructure is 100% optional. You will have full admin access to the cloud project
  • Provide all hosting at cost for the entire life of the project, meaning Cion Studio will not add any markup on the price of servers and storage
  • One free technical consultation with a Cion Studio developer who will help you make architecture decisions or answer any questions you have

How to claim this perk

Contact your Client Services Manager for an introduction, or contact Cion Studio directly via their website and mention Innovation Factory to learn more about this perk.

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