The Synapse Life Science Consortium is your gateway to Hamilton’s vibrant life sciences ecosystem. Synapse seeks to support all companies and institutions that make up the Hamilton life science cluster, celebrating the strengths and successes of industry leaders and new startups, as well as promoting the region as an attractive place to live, work and invest.  

Acting as a strategic broker, Synapse supports initiatives and projects that accelerate the commercialization of healthcare and life science innovation.

Connect with us at the Synapse Consortium and unlock the full potential of the thriving Hamilton life sciences community.

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Synapse Life Science Consortium


Quick Facts

  • Hamilton’s life science ecosystem network
  • A strategic broker, facilitating connections
  • Helps advance collaboration and initiatives
  • Drives innovation and economic impact
  • 2500+ connections made
  • 250 ecosystem members
  • Home to 2nd largest hospital network in Ontario
  • Network has $500M annual spend on research and innovation