Hangry - How a Starbucks queue sparked a dining revolution

Hungry for Success: How a Starbucks Queue Sparked a Dining Revolution

Fabian Raso was just an MBA grad from Queen’s University when he was stuck in a long line at Starbucks and came up with a simple but revolutionary idea…a mobile ordering app that would significantly decrease waiting times for students living on campus. 

Fabian set out with an ambitious goal: his idea was to turn campus dining into something simple, reducing wait lines and frustration. From a simple idea to acquisition, Hangry reached a significant milestone, being acquired by Transact Campus Trends, a major provider of meal plans and campus cards in North America.

Hangry offers a myriad of features including food ordering, curbside pickup, delivery, dining hall reservations, dietary filtering, and nutrition tracking. It enhances convenience, saves students’ time, and elevates the campus dining experience.

Learn all about how Fabian’s frustrating wait at Starbucks grew into a profitable, full-time venture:

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