How We Can Help


Whether you have a startup, an existing small-medium sized business, or the seeds of an innovative idea, we can help!

Innovation Factory offers a suite of services that cater to whichever stage of business growth you’re at. In addition to our in-house expertise, we’ve built an extensive network of community partners and mentors that can offer tailored resources and coaching for our clients. Together, we make up a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs in the region to get the supports they need for success.

See what we can do for your stage of growth:


What exactly do we do?

Programs & Events
Innovation Factory hosts a range of key events and workshops throughout the year and provides valuable programming for entrepreneurs at various stages of their development. Our event roster includes educational workshops, collaborative peer2peer sessions, networking and pitch nights, and our programming caters to clients ranging from those with a seed of an idea, to startups, to established companies looking to innovate. Check out our programs & events.
One-on-One Mentoring
At iF, we’re lucky to have an engaged network of mentors that span a large range of industries. They have the advice to help you avoid the potholes and the network to open doors for you. Our mentors often get matched up with a client and stay involved as a long-term business coach, advising the client through numerous stages of business growth. Apply to become a client!
Networking & Community Connections
Hamilton is a supportive, collaborative city and Innovation Factory – and in turn, our clients – undoubtedly reap these benefits. We have great relationships with the City, our local post-secondary institutions, co-working spaces, creative industry leaders, other nonprofits, the Hamilton healthcare cluster, and a number of other professional organizations. However, our partners make it all happen here at iF; it’s their generosity that allows us to provide clients with exceptional resources. They are also a great network where we regularly direct our clients for professional services. Meet our awesome partners.
Access to Funding
Though Innovation Factory isn’t a funding agent, we engage with a network of organizations like Ontario Centres of Excellence, Angel One and Futurpreneur that do fund companies. Client success is our success, so we’re motivated to connect companies with these sources if they’re at a stage where funding is appropriate.

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