Intellectual property programs and resources

Don't let the complexities of IP hold you back.

Intellectual property (IP) helps protect your innovation from competitors using something similar to your solution, brand or product. Intellectual property rights and registrations also allow you to block competitive products and clear a technological path for future market share.

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The importance of IP

There are many important reasons to protect your company by registering your intellectual property. Intellectual property allows you to build value in your business as a recognized asset when determining the value of a company. IP can also create new sources of revenue like the potential to license your goods or services out to third parties.

Though it may seem like a big investment, without necessary protection, you could end up spending a lot more money defending your property or even being forced to rebrand.

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OwnershIP by Innovation Factory

OwnershIP by Innovation Factory breaks down barriers to understanding IP and provides you with actionable value to help uncover your current IP gaps and develop a 3-5 year IP strategy for your business. You will leverage up to $15,000 worth of legal insight and expertise through personalized and supportive educational resources.

You’ll finish the program feeling empowered by your IP knowledge, equipped to access IP-specific funding opportunities, and ready to protect your property and scale your business.

Are you ready to get to work? Join OwnershIP today!

Choosing the right IP path forward

Intellectual property is a critical business asset that requires a strategy to protect and leverage it.

So, what intellectual property ownership and licensing should you consider for your business? Here’s how you can get started:

  • Apply to become a client and talk to one of our Innovation Advisors from the Venture Growth team, or one of our legal partners for a free consultation
  • Apply to OwnershIP by Innovation Factory, an experiential program that enables you to take charge of your IP strategy so you can scale your business
  • Attend one of our upcoming workshops
  • Check out the resources we have compiled for you

Need help identifying the right IP support for your business? Apply to become a client and let's get to work.

Steps to IP proficiency

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Ramp up your IP knowledge

  • Click here to read about the types of Intellectual Property are there in Canada
  • Click here to review this checklist to explore the types of intellectual property you should protect in your business
  • Join us at our next workshop about intellectual property! Email [email protected]
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Build your IP strategy

  • Click here to learn about how to start building your IP strategy
  • Click here to learn about patents, copyrights, trademarks and more
  • Click here to explore example roadmaps from CIPO’s IP toolbox
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Ready to hire an IP professional?

  • Click here to learn about a few considerations before hiring an IP professional service, including understanding costs and questions you might want to ask
  • Click here to explore the Canadian Intellectual Property Offices resources further

Need more help?

IP is more important than ever. Apply to become a client and gain access to our IP resources, workshops, expert advice from one of our valued legal partners and more.

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