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Anatomiz3D provides surgeons with a patient’s physical or digital 3D anatomical replica extracted from their 2D CT/MRI Images to study the defect prior to a surgery, and personalizes surgical tools and implants specifically for that patient to ensure the desired outcomes. With this, surgeons face fewer on-table surprises, save operating time and reduce risk of a repeat surgery, eventually empowering themselves to cater to more patients. Though a startup in Canada, we have utilized our expertise of Patient Specific 3D Modelling and 3D Printing to cater to over 3000 patients in India and helped save over 21000 hours of over 400+ medical teams. We also set up such labs inside hospitals for easier access to doctors and patients. Such models are also used by students to practice complex surgeries earlier in the career.

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Firoza Kothari

Co-Founder and CTO

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Co-Founder and CMO

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Co-Founder and COO

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Co-Founder and CFO


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