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Machine learning is a hot topic in the tech industry, perhaps the buzz word of 2017. With companies investing between $26b to $39b in machine learning last year, there’s been a surge in machine learning innovations creating tangible value and disrupting entire industries from health care to transportation, but also some media over-hype and over-promising around “artificial intelligence”.

HamOnt ML is taking place December 2, 2017.

Ignoring machine learning may leave businesses blindsided to disruption as their competitors embrace it, and misunderstanding how machine learning can be applied successfully may leave businesses caught up in the wrong side of a hype wave.

HamOnt ML is a conference taking place on Saturday December 2, featuring talks by industry leading practitioners both locally and abroad, focused on applications of machine learning in tangible business use cases.

HamOnt ML
Saturday, December 2, 2017
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
CoMotion on King
$10 – $20

The conference is a chance for attendees to develop an understanding of the machine learning space and cutting-edge applications, connect with expert practitioners and researchers, and help build Hamilton’s machine learning ecosystem.

From abroad, HamOnt ML will feature a talk by Cyber Security Research Scientist Jared Smith, travelling in from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Department of Energy’s largest R&D laboratory). Jared leads and collaborates on several R&D projects focused on using machine learning to secure modern computer networks, energy delivery systems, and vehicles.

From Hamilton, HamOnt ML will feature a talk by Preteckt’s Lead Data Scientist Rory Woods. Preteckt uses machine learning to predict maintenance requirements for trucks, allowing maintenance to occur before more costly breakdowns occur on the road.

HamOnt ML will feature many other talks covering everything from weather prediction to machine learning in the workplace. Tickets are only $10 student, $20 regular, and include lunch, dinner an after party.


Thanks to Kevin Browne of Software Hamilton for authoring this post and sharing insights about this can’t miss conference! 

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