VoxNeuro to Receive Innovation Support From the Government of Canada

VoxNeuro to Receive Innovation Support From the Government of Canada

Innovation Factory client VoxNeuro provides the world’s first objective concussion and acquired brain injury assessment that steps beyond diagnosis..  For more information about their contributions to the healthcare industry visit their website at voxneuro.com

Cognitive Health Technicians from VoxNeuro running a Cognitive Health Assessment™ on a concussion patient. (Photo: Business Wire)

Cognitive Health Technicians from VoxNeuro running a Cognitive Health Assessment™ on a concussion patient. (Photo: Business Wire)

HAMILTON, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VoxNeuro is excited to announce that the company will receive up to CA$249,000 in research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). Obtaining NRC IRAP funding not only serves as recognition for VoxNeuro’s focus on innovation, but will serve as a catalyst for the company’s continued growth and success.

CEO, James Connolly is quick to praise the Canadian Government’s support of technology companies and innovators. “Canada has a remarkably rich history in technological innovation that continues to have a global impact. The Canadian government’s dedication to supporting domestic companies expanding on the global stage through initiatives such as NRC IRAP is exceptional and being part of this ecosystem is a thrill.” COO, Kimberly Elliott adds, “We are very pleased to receive this funding, which will be used to create scalable infrastructure for our existing assessment system, create jobs, and accelerate our ability to make a significant impact on how all brain injuries, including concussions, are managed across Canada and the world.”

VoxNeuro is a Hamilton-based biotechnology start-up that is commercializing the world’s first objective Cognitive Health Assessments™ – EEG based neuroimaging – for acquired brain injuries, including concussions, that steps beyond diagnosis by identifying specific areas of brain function that have been impacted by an injury. VoxNeuro’s patient reports empower clinicians to make informed decisions, accelerate, and track rehabilitation with unprecedented precision.

Founded on the work of Dr. John F. Connolly, a world-renowned neuroscientist at McMaster University, VoxNeuro’s technology is able to assess an individual’s cognitive function in a way that was previously non-existent. “Acquired brain injuries, including concussions, are a global public health issue, you hear the term ‘silent epidemic’ a lot these days. We want to change that.” Said Chief Science Officer Dr. John F. Connolly.

VoxNeuro opened their first assessment centre in Hamilton, Ontario, earlier this year and have ambitious plans to scale across Canada and the U.S. within the next 18 months. VoxNeuro integrates their assessment systems and capabilities into existing clinics and hospitals, and already has a growing list of clients.

“In a clinical space making great strides towards precision medicine and amidst the continuous improvements offered by the age of data and AI, VoxNeuro plays a vital role in revolutionizing the assessment tools of cognitive health and brain injury. Developed on more than 25 years of globally funded, peer-reviewed research, VoxNeuro taps into the brain’s activity and enables informed, precise, and efficient rehabilitation, and has the potential to change how all forms of brain injury are managed globally. With the Canadian federal support through NRC IRAP, we will soon be able to grow and reach all patients in need.” – VoxNeuro’s Director of AI & Technology, Dr. Rober Boshra.

To learn more, please visit: www.voxneuro.com.

This article originally appeared on Business Wire.  Please click here to see the original article.

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