VoxNeuro listed on #2019Branham300 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies

VoxNeuro, a Hamilton-based startup commercializing out of McMaster University continues to make waves across the Canadian tech industry after debuting on the Branham300 list of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming tech companies for 2019.

Branham Group, a global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry analyst and strategic advisory, has produced the Branham300 ranking of ICT companies in Canada for 25 consecutive years.

The Branham300 is the best-known and most widely referenced listing of Canada’s top ICT companies, ranked by revenue. The listing also tracks the top ICT multinationals operating in Canada, plus Up and Comers, those young Canadian companies Branham Group believes will be big hits soon, of which VoxNeuro was included for the first time in 2019.

VoxNeuro is delivering the world’s first objective cognitive health assessments for acquired brain injuries (including concussion) that step beyond diagnosis by identifying specific areas of brain function that are impacted by an injury. VoxNeuro’s patient reports empower clinicians to make informed decisions, accelerate treatment and track rehabilitation with unprecedented precision.

“We’re taking the guesswork out of cognitive rehabilitation and by doing so will step-change how all brain injuries are managed globally,” VoxNeuro co-founder and CEO James Connolly said in a statement. “VoxNeuro’s technology was developed through over 25 years of globally funded and peer-reviewed research. Two years ago we saw the opportunity to commercialize a clinical application of our technology that would make a tangible and meaningful impact on our healthcare system and we took it,” he continued. VoxNeuro opened their first assessment centre in Hamilton, Ontario earlier this year and have ambitious plans to scale across Canada and into the US within the next 18 months.

“If you’re a healthcare professional specializing in neuro, or if your organization would benefit from objective data regarding an individual’s cognitive function, we want to talk to you” says Kimberly Elliott, co-founder and COO of VoxNeuro. “Insurance companies, healthcare networks, pharmaceutical and medicinal cannabis clinical trials, amateur and professional sports leagues, right now we’re talking to everybody and our clients are able to see the value in our product immediately. We quantify brain function, which allows stakeholders to use hard data to track their goals,” she continues.

Founded on the life’s work of Dr. John F. Connolly, a world-renowned neuroscientist at McMaster University, VoxNeuro’s technology is able to assess an individual’s cognitive function in a way that was previously impossible. “Acquired brain injuries, including concussion, are a global public health issue, you hear the term “silent epidemic” a lot these days. We want to change that” says Co-founder and CSO Dr. John F. Connolly.

To learn more visit www.voxneuro.com.

VoxNeuro integrates assessment centres into existing clinics and hospitals

VoxNeuro launched their first assessment centre in Hamilton, Ontario in June 2019 and already has a growing list of clients

“Our mission is to step-change how all brain injuries are managed globally” Co-founder and CSO Dr. John F. Connolly says, “We’re taking the guesswork out of cognitive rehabilitation.”

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