VoxNeuro Announces Platinum Corporate Sponsorship of Brain Injury Canada

Innovation Factory client VoxNeuro provides the world’s first objective concussion and acquired brain injury assessment that steps beyond diagnosis.  For more information about their contributions to the healthcare industry visit their website at voxneuro.com.

This article originally appeared on the Financial Times.  Click here to view the original posting.

HAMILTON, Ontario — VoxNeuro announced their Platinum Corporate Sponsorship of Brain Injury Canada for 2020 last Friday. “Along with Brain Injury Canada, we are devoted to fulfilling our central mission of enhancing the quality of life of individuals, their families & caregivers living with brain injuries,” said VoxNeuro CEO and Co-Founder James Connolly.

VoxNeuro provides the only neuroimaging tool that goes beyond diagnosis to inform cognitive rehabilitation. Their team utilizes proprietary EEG-based functional neuroimaging to capture neurological brain responses, produced by “stress tests for your brain”, in real-time and without the need for a baseline. Their tool helps healthcare providers pinpoint and treat functional deficits that result from trauma to the brain. “Our commitment to serving the brain injury community extends past the delivery of our services to our clinical network,” comments Kimberly Elliott, COO and Co-Founder at VoxNeuro, “we are also continuing to evolve the brain injury space through a focus on scientific research collaborations, and getting involved in the community to raise awareness about what changes need to be made to ensure those suffering from all types of brain injuries are getting the care they need.”

The board, staff and volunteers of Brain Injury Canada are dedicated to facilitating post-trauma research, education, awareness and advocacy in partnership with national, provincial/territorial and regional associations and other stakeholders. Brain Injury Canada is also the only national charitable brain injury organization, and is striving to enable access to ABI information and services for all Canadians.

In fact, 2020 will be a particularly monumental year for Brain Injury Canada, as they are set to launch an integrated and comprehensive Brain Injury Resource Website. This comes in response to the challenge of sifting through and deciphering between the overwhelming volume of resources available. Brain Injury Canada aims to combat this through the consolidation of credible, reliable, and evidence-based information in the form of studies, guidelines, and resources developed by universities, hospitals, and other knowledge centres, in order to assist the many Canadians living with acquired brain injury. Brain Injury Canada will also produce a comprehensive list of trusted and reliable brain injury services for Canadians.

“We’re looking forward to the year ahead working alongside VoxNeuro to raise awareness on ABI and help direct individuals living with brain injury to the Brain Injury Canada Resource Website, enabling access to trusted information & services.” said Michelle McDonald, Executive Director of Brain Injury Canada.


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