YWCA Uplift Data Lab

Access specialized expertise to move your data projects forward. Through Innovation Factory, you can unlock this unique opportunity to connect with trained professionals ready to bring their skills to your team. You’ll be paired with top-tier candidates who have completed training in the Data Science and Data Analytics streams with accredited universities.

Innovation Factory and YWCA Uplift Data Lab
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About Uplift

The YWCA Hamilton Uplift Data Lab Program is a collaborative program brought to you by Innovation Factory and the YWCA Hamilton. Uplift empowers women and non-binary individuals to reskill or upskill in the realms of advanced manufacturing, data science, and data analytics, and provides additional support related to career development and navigating non-traditional workplaces.

Program benefits

  • Access skilled workers with in-depth training in data science and data analytics from acclaimed universities
  • Benefit from our talented candidates without financial commitment for the project
  • Potential to gain a dedicated, long-term employee

Who should apply

  • Innovation Factory clients in the Validation, Efficiency, or Scale stage seeking specialized support in data science and data analytics
  • Businesses that are incorporated, ideally have a T4 employee and can provide mentorship to the candidate
  • Companies that echo our collective vision of achieving a gender-balanced workforce in high-tech industries

Program timeline

Online Program Overview: November 8, 2023
In-person Networking Night: November 29, 2023
Final Candidate Placement Announcement: December 11, 2023
12-week Project Placement: January 15, 2024 to April 5, 2024

Applications are now closed.

Interested in this program? Speak with an Innovation Advisor to learn more.