Skip the selfie and stay in the moment with Fotaflo.

“In the first 3 months using Fotaflo our bookings increased 40% compared to last year.” – Peter Letts, Founder and Managing Director, Abyss Scuba Diving

A picture is worth a thousand words but what is it worth when you lose out on the experience?  

This is the problem that Fotaflo is looking to solve.  

Fotaflo, a software-to-service marketing platform, helps experience-based businesses provide their customers with photos and videos with their customizable software solutions.  Companies can provide customers with either paid or complimentary photos using any camera and Fotaflo app on their smartphones. Photos can be organized into personalized albums directly in the Fotoflo app and then sent to customers via email or text message.  People can view and share their photos through email or social media, generating referrals back to companies and their turning customers into advocates.

“65% of my customers are now word of mouth or return customers and referrals are steadily growing year after year,” says Jori Kirk, owner of Tree0six Adventure Parks.  “There was a major jump between the year where I did photos myself to when I started using Fotaflo.”

“Every business that provides an experience that customers want to remember can grow their business by providing photos and videos with Fotaflo,” says Chad Ingles, COO and CTO of Fotaflo.  “We measure our success by seeing our clients’ businesses grow.”

And grow, they do.  Fotaflo emails boast unheard-of engagement rates, with 500% for opens and 150% for click-throughs, leaving them with very happy clients.

“We’ve had really great feedback in person, online, and in written form from our guests about the free photos.  We have received many more reviews since we started using Fotaflo.” Patti Jacka, Director of Operations, Koloa Zipline Tours

Free photos aren’t the only thing that sets Fotaflo apart from their competitors.  Fotaflo offers their clients online training materials to show them everything from how to design and run their photo services, to when to how to get the right kind of shot. This enables clients to take the best photos for their customers, improving the guest experience overall.

And it works.  Testimonials from clients and their guests have been so positive that Fotaflo is ready to take their business to the next level.  “The next few years we plan to scale as big as we can, doubling or tripling revenue each year,” says Ingles. “We’re still discovering businesses that can use Fotaflo, and are looking at partnerships with industries that we hadn’t even thought of in the past.”  

Fotaflo provides service to companies all around the world.

The first step of that growth strategy was getting funding, which they received by competing in last year’s LiONS LAIR, Innovation Factory’s annual pitch competition.  Fotaflo placed in the Top 3 and was awarded $45,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

“Leading up to Lions Lair we had to go back and revisit how we told our story.  How can we explain our business in a way that demonstrates the value? Innovation Factory gave us great feedback and the coaching has been helpful since.”

And when asked for advice for young entrepreneurs, Chad was not shy to share what he learned on his Fotaflo journey.  “It’s not about what you know, it’s about how fast you can learn. Remember to learn as you go, and to persevere. Success is not a straight line.”

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