Obie Announces Support for Slack Enterprise Grid

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Obie Announces Support for Slack Enterprise Grid (SEG), Accelerating Knowledge Exchange for Large Teams

Obie, a knowledge base software and support accelerator, recently announced the launch of three enterprise-focused enhancements to its knowledge management platform, with the purpose of facilitating easy and powerful knowledge sharing across teams using Slack.

First, Obie is introducing seamless compatibility with Slack Enterprise Grid (SEG), a solution for larger organizations that brings multiple interconnected workspaces together. SEG is used to manage the security and governance functionality required in such complex structures. With the launch of SEG-compatibility, Obie helps enterprise customers capture, access and share internal knowledge in accordance with their complex permissioning needs.

Second, Obie is improving upon the FAQ knowledge base with enterprise-ready permissioning management. This means delivering a dedicated FAQ knowledge format with the needs of enterprises that communicate and collaborate over Slack. Obie FAQ now allows for granular permission structures that enable Slack Groups and Slack Channels to give enterprises more control over how knowledge flows through their organization.

Third, the company is launching a major version upgrade (5.0) to its core search algorithm, with the aim of driving greater speed for enterprise-level support applications. This also brings improved search results with less bias than before. Obie’s search product provides organizations with a single source of truth to access knowledge across platforms where work gets done, including Slack and the browser (via an extension).

Since the start of the pandemic, Slack has seen over 12.5 million active daily users, and its growth shows no signs of stopping. But as the platform becomes the operating system of the modern workplace, including for enterprises and complex organizations, the challenge of seamless information exchange emerges. To make knowledge accessible in the fastest way possible, Obie now aims to easily integrate within this structure and deliver results without additional difficulties.

“As large enterprises continue to adopt workplace communication platforms like Slack, they have an increased need to pull data from knowledge silos and deliver it where people work,” says Chris Buttenham, Founder and CEO of Obie. “We’re thrilled to officially support Slack Enterprise Grid workspaces and further our compatibility for large organizations that need unique controls over their collective knowledge in a modern system like Obie.”

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