Jay Rosenblatt





Jay Rosenblatt is Partner at SimpsonWigleLaw LLP. He counsels stakeholders at risk, including business owners, board members, senior management and municipalities on legal and business-related issues.

Industry expertise:

  • Professional Services

Tell us about some of the skills you have that can help companies you are mentoring:

  • Legal
  • Business Planning
  • Risk identification, mitigation and management
  • Legal and business issues and concerns facing both startups and maturing businesses
  • Corporate and commercial matters
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Financing

How do you want to meet with people you mentor?

Face-to-face, phone, email or Skype

How many hours a month are you available to meet? 


What is your ideal mentee?

Passionate entrepreneurs that are anxious to learn, grow, and become successful. Because of my experience over the years, I am able to provide valuable input, legal and business-related matters within a number of industries.


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