Lessonly + Obie: A *Dam* Good Partnership & Acquisition

ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE, Olivia Adkison, lessonly.com/blog, July 28, 2021

A beaver and a llama walk into a bar. The beaver says to the llama, “Wood you believe it if I told you that we’d make a great team?” The llama smiled. “Alpaca several bags of money and send them right to Canada.” The rest is history.

Friends, that’s an extremely loose adaptation of what just happened between Lessonly and Obie, but nonetheless, we hope it made you smile.

Without further ado, here’s the deal: Lessonly acquired Obie (and their sweet beaver mascot, hence the title). From here on out, Obie will be called Lessonly Knowledge🎉

Let’s hear right from Lessonly and Obie’s founders why it was clear that now was the time for our partnership to begin.

To continue reading and see the announcement video CLICK HERE



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