Input Health releases new app for patients

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VANCOUVER – Canadian digital health company InputHealth is pleased to announce the launch of UpPatient, the patient-facing arm of its end-to-end healthcare delivery and practice management platform, the Collaborative Health Record (CHR). UpPatient allows patients to take control of their healthcare by connecting them with their providers and health records through a single, user-friendly, app that’s accessible on both iOS and Android.

“The COVID-19 pandemic struck healthcare worldwide like a lightning bolt, accelerating changes that many healthcare systems have been struggling to absorb,” said Dr. Puneet Seth, chief medical officer of InputHealth.

“InputHealth’s UpPatient app is the result of our rapidly evolving efforts to empower patients by giving them better access to healthcare while streamlining patient and information flow for health practitioners,” added Dr. Seth, a leading digital health expert and practicing Toronto-based physician.

UpPatient is a user-friendly, patient engagement tool with advanced encryption that allows patients to:

  • Instantly view and manage their health profile from a single point of access
  • Communicate with healthcare providers via secure messaging and file sharing
  • Request and manage appointments
  • Attend virtual care appointments (including secure video, audio, and instant messaging)
  • Connect to various healthcare teams and providers through a single app
  • Quickly access healthcare information and documents
  • Complete health questionnaires

Imagine being able to securely access and manage your healthcare anytime, anywhere and at your fingertips. UpPatient makes the patient the driver of their health and medical care by giving them ownership and control.

“Once patients get a taste of what it’s like to renew prescriptions with the click of a button or request and access virtual care appointments on their phone, they will never want to go back to archaic systems of care delivery that burden healthcare practitioners with unnecessary paperwork,” said Dr. Seth.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgency of making digital and virtual healthcare that’s premised upon meaningful and effective patient-provider engagement available to everyone,” he added.

About InputHealth

InputHealth is charting a new course in healthcare by connecting patients and providers through its award-winning Collaborative Health Record (CHR), an end-to-end, secure, cloud-based digital platform that has transformed the antiquated electronic medical record (EMR) into an evolving vehicle for patient engagement and health practice automation. InputHealth’s modern and user-friendly interface and devotion to improving patient-provider engagement is the answer for all health practitioners seeking to streamline and modernize their practices through smart, customizable, and automated patient management and engagement tools. Led by physician-technologists and design-obsessed engineers, InputHealth’s customers include the University of British Columbia, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and a rapidly growing portfolio of 2,000+ healthcare providers across Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

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