A Hamilton woman with limited mobility is using the Guided Hands assistive device by ImaginAble Solutions to create paintings for fellow individuals with disabilities in her community.

Hamilton woman with limited mobility creates art with assistive device

A Hamilton woman with limited mobility is using a unique assistive device to create paintings for fellow individuals with disabilities in her community.

This article was originally written by Nandika Ravi for inTHEHAMMER on July 21, 2023. Read the original article here.

Karina Williams underwent a life-threatening surgery in 2017 and lost all mobility in her hands and legs. “Couldn’t paint, couldn’t play games or do anything else,” Williams said. “It’s heartbreaking that I can’t do the stuff I’ve done all my life.”

Through her physiotherapist, Williams got in touch with the founder Lianna Genovese, of ImaginAble Solutions ( Hamilton-based start-up), a company that manufactures Guided Hands™. An assistive device that enables those with limited fine motor skills in writing, painting, drawing, and accessing technology.

“The product uses a sliding system and 3D-printed handpieces tailored to the person using it,” according to the company’s website.

The tool can be adapted for both left and right dominant hands as there are two holes where the utensil arm can be inserted in each handpiece.

“It was almost like it was an answer from god,” Williams said. Guided Hands provided Williams with mobility, which helped her paint during her rehab sessions.

“I didn’t ever think that I could be creative again.”

Driven by her passion for sharing her newfound creativity and empowering others, Williams painted a picture for a girl with a brain injury.

“I was very excited and overwhelmed that I could paint a picture for a young with no mobility of her hand,” Williams added.

“Put what happened to me into being able to make something good come out of it.”

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