Hamilton online store launches ‘Hamazon’ for local holiday shopping

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Sure, Amazon is an easy and convenient shopping option for the holiday season; but would you rather fill the pockets of billionaire Bezos, or feed that money back into your own community?


There’s a major push for shopping locally in Hamilton this year and stimulating the economy, especially considering how tough the year has been on countless local small businesses of all kinds.

Thankfully, Hamilton online store Hometown Hub has made shopping locally easier by launching what they call Hamazon: an online store that allows you to buy gifts for others (or yourself) from a wide variety of local artisans, curators, and product purveyors.

Want some locally made swag from True Hamiltonian? The latest album drops from Into the Abyss Records? Some handmade organic tea courtesy of Geek + Tea? All of this and much, much more is available for your shopping pleasure right now on Hometown Hub so you can get that holiday shopping done with ease while supporting the city’s best small businesses.

Still have a few people to check off of that Christmas list? Hit up Hamazon on Hometown Hub and start browsing today. After all, the holidays are coming up fast!

Check out Hamazon and their selection of local small businesses on the Hometown Hub website.


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