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Haloo Raises $2.9M CAD to offer IP Verification Tech as Solution for NFT Theft, Fraud

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Charlize Alcaraz, betakit.com, May 19, 2022

Toronto-based startup Haloo (formerly Heirlume) has raised $2.9 million CAD ($2.3 million USD) in all-equity, primary seed funding in a round co-led by The W Fund and The51.

Launched in 2020 by co-founders Julie MacDonell (CEO) and Sarah Ruest (CTO), Haloo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with instant trademark searches, fail-safe trademark applications, and automated brand enforcement.

According to Haloo’s spokesperson, companies pay for these trademark searches with a very slow turnaround. By using Haloo, the company claims that users can cut down on cost, and improve quality and ideas that can be run in batches of 10 with a 60 second turnaround.

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