8 Incredible AR Leaders to Discover in 2022 – Featuring Longan Vision

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Rebekah Carter, xrtoday.com, May 16, 2022

Currently growing at a phenomenal rate of around 40.9% CAGR, the global Augmented Reality industry is going through a period of explosion. By 2028 alone, the industry could be worth a massive $97.76 billion, driven by a rapid increase in the number of AR-enabled devices, software solutions and digital experiences.

An unforgettable company in the AR landscape right now, Longan Vision is changing the way we look at first response roles. The organization has long focused on the development of intelligent products intended to improve work experience and productivity for first responders. With powerfully engineered AR products, Longan Vision can help firefighters to save lives and protect themselves in dangerous scenarios.

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