Guest blog post – Carmela Trombetta on The Business of Corporate Social Responsibility

Carmela Trombetta, Vice-President Hamilton Commercial Financial Services at RBC Royal Bank, is passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility in the city of Hamilton. We were excited when Carmela agreed to write a guest blog post for Innovation Factory; we knew she would have some great advice for Hamiltonians and talk about the importance of getting your business involved in the city! Here’s what she had to say:

At RBC, we believe in the power of communities and the people who live in them. As one of Canada’s largest corporate donors and with a tradition of philanthropy dating back to 1891, we recognize that our success depends on the health and prosperity of our clients and our employees. As a member of Hamilton’s growing business community, it was important for me to highlight the returns that come from community investment and encourage you to think about your role in our city, province, country and the globe.

The Innovation Factory is a hub for Hamilton’s entrepreneurial and social businesses. We all know the passion and drive that is required to bring ideas to life and see them through to completion, but commitment to your business goals is equally as important as the dedication that you show to your community.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders we are tied to the community in many ways – big and small. Whether you’re a sponsor, donor or volunteer, every little bit helps.

Many companies talk about The 3P’s: People, Planet and Profit. Successfully balancing your social and business goals can be done by businesses of any age or size. Remember, it’s not just about how you spend money. It’s about how you make it.

Through the values of your organization, you have an opportunity to define a roadmap for your future.

At RBC, we strive to operate every facet of our business with integrity. This ensures that we provide financial services responsibly and ethically, are a respected employer, and a sound purchaser of goods and services.

If you’re looking for inspiration to help your business start or improve its commitment to corporate social responsibility, I would suggest you take a moment to review a recent RBC white paper called Meaningful Business – Understanding Social Entrepreneurs which describes how social entrepreneurs combine passion with business acumen for triple-bottom line success.

Understanding Social Entrepreneurs is a fascinating study of the mindset of leaders in this area and includes an interview with Tom Heintzman, co-founder of the now ubiquitous Bullfrog Power, to gain some insights into his motivations.

Thank you to the Innovation Factory for the opportunity to post about the business of corporate social responsibility. I strongly believe in the passion of Hamilton’s business leaders and I believe that we can all be catalysts for change. Every effort – big or small – makes a difference in the lives of our clients and customers, suppliers and employees.


2e1f67aCarmela leads a team of specialized Commercial Account Managers as Vice-President of Greater Hamilton Commercial Financial Services for RBC Royal Bank. She has had a very successful 24 years with RBC with various roles in retail, wealth management, and commercial banking. Carmela leverages her experience, knowledge of the community, and industry contacts to provide timely financial advice to her managers and clients, and provides best in class service and value.

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