Front Line Medical Technologies: tech that saves lives

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, healthcareglobal.com, Leila Hawkins, June 3, 2021

EO of Front Line Medical Technologies Dr. Asha Parekh tells us about creating a device to stop internal bleeding and the challenges for women in STEM

Dr. Asha Parekh is co-founder and CEO of Front Line Medical Technologies, a Canadian medical device company that has developed a product to stop internal bleeding. Parekh tells us how it’s saving lives, and has advice for women who want to start a career in STEM.

Why did you found Front Line Medical Technologies?
Dr. Adam Power (CMO and co-founder) and I teamed up to develop a new device to make the REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta – a  technique designed to stop internal haemorrhage) technique faster, reduce complications, and ultimately try to save more lives. We worked on this project prior to founding the company, which we incorporated in 2017.

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