Founders Fast Track

Accelerate your business in 6 weeks

Innovation Factory’s Founders Fast Track is an intensive training program designed to equip your start-up as you embark on your first fundraise with the essential tools, resources, and skills you need to succeed.

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Founders Fast Track by Innovation Factory - Training and Mentorship for startups and entrepreneurs, and an entryway into the LiONS LAIR pitch competition

About Founders Fast Track

Apply to participate in this unique and interactive 6-week training cohort. Founders Fast Track features a comprehensive curriculum at no cost and covers critical topics such as customer development, pitch preparation, funding strategies, and market trends. Eligible start-ups will have access to mentorship, network-building activities, and educational workshops. 

Founders Fast Track culminates in a speed pitching event where your company will have the opportunity to connect and pitch to a minimum of three angel or pre-seed/seed stage investors. 

The top 10 best-performing start-ups will be offered an exclusive invitation to pitch for cash prizes and more at Innovation Factory’s flagship competition, LiONS LAIR, in front of an audience of 300+ people. 

6 week program schedule

Week 1 – Kick off: Meet and greet and program run down. 

Week 2 – Perfect your pitch: Learn the do’s and don’ts of pitching, build your 5-minute pitch, and more. 

Week 3 – Growth mindset: Everything sales and marketing! 

Week 4 – Panel session: Moving the Needle: From one founder to another

Week 5 – Investment readiness: Everything you need to feel ready to take on investment. 

Week 6 – Protect your idea: Learn the ins and outs of IP 

Investor speed pitching day – At the end of the cohort training, each company will have the opportunity to pitch to three early-stage investor groups in our network.

Please see the application form for the current cohort program session dates.

Who should apply to Founders Fast Track

You should apply to Founders Fast Track if your business:

  • Is past proof of concept
  • Is in the start-up to SME stage of business
  • Is an innovative and scalable technology, product or service
  • Falls within one of the following sectors: Life science, information and communication technology (ICT), advanced manufacturing, smart transportation and/or cleantech, and social innovation
  • Is ready to engage with our training sessions and expert mentors
  • Is able to participate and engage with us at our Hamilton office location

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LiONS LAIR Pitch Competition

LiONS LAIR is an annual competition presented by Innovation Factory and brings together the entrepreneurship and innovation community in Hamilton. The competition gives innovators the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of our city’s top business experts – the “Lions” – for a chance to win big prizes.

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