Local Game Studio Releases Early Access RPG Dragon of Legends

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Thrive Games has just released early access for their highly-anticipated game, Dragon of Legends! The team has been hard at work perfecting their 2D action RPG that is inspired by Viking mythology.

Dragon of Legends

Players enter the lands of Manheimr, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness.

After three years of development at The Forge, the game is available for early access gameplay on Steam.

The game’s setting and subject matter are centered around the mythical Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok. Players will team up online to complete quests and explore the world of Manheimr, the realm of mortal men and women, in order to thwart the trickster Loki from unleashing Nidhogg, whose destiny includes immolating the world tree called Yggdrasil, that which binds the fabric of the universe together.

Early access players are encouraged to give feedback on the first episode, which will be playable with three different characters. Online play is actively being developed as a next step, and will be available in early 2018.

Players can enjoy 15% off the early access game until December 22, 2017 on Steam now! 


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