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Powered by ARC is a Social Networking Platform that builds tools for Sports and eSports Organizations to manage their clubs, Conveners to manage their leagues & tournaments, Coaches to manage their teams, and Players to manage their careers while reducing the workload and offering more information to all stakeholders. With over 150,000 users in closed beta and over $20M in sports registrations processed, Powered by ARC has built out a product line that is ready for commercialization. Its lead product for Sports Organizations features a robust online registration system with powerful reporting to help reduce the workload for organizers to manage a full year of organized sports. The functional dashboard is accompanied by Tournament and League Software which has a proprietary Android and iOS Application which allows organizers and fans in the crowd to track live visual data for any game they are witnessing, and stream this data live for others to follow along with.

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Gihan Fonseka

Founder and CEO


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