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About us

Opilio Labs designs and develops simple to install solutions for property owner issues.

Our first product, the syndii Smart Home Monitoring System is the ultimate solution for safeguarding homes against power, water, and temperature issues. syndii’s patented technology ensures the safety and security of the home, even in challenging situations. syndii promptly alerts the homeowner of potential threats that may result in significant property damage and time-consuming insurance claims.

What sets syndii apart is its ability to continue providing alerts even during power outages, ensuring that owners remain informed and can take appropriate actions regardless of the circumstances. syndii’s innovative design ensures that it continues to operate and send alerts, even when your Wi-Fi network is down. With built-in cellular connectivity, syndii remains connected, providing real-time notifications and peace of mind, even in the face of disruptions.

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Opilio Labs Inc.


Elliott Atkins

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicholas Romanidis

Co-Founder & CTO


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