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About us

NanoPhyll develops innovative nano-composite coatings for applications in the buildings, construction, transportation and industrial processing industries that are environmentally sustainable in both their use and benefits. We produce the only multifunctional, ultra durable and sustainable coatings available in our target markets. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to address client-specific needs, typically reducing materials consumption, improving labor productivity, and extending the life of their assets.

In 2017, NanoPhyll launched its first customer proof-of-concept projects in Quebec, Canada. By 2018, NanoPhyll had filed several preliminary patents and received the Most Innovative Product Award at Toronto Building Show. In the same year, NanoPhyll had its first product sales and had partnered with a contract manufacturer to scale production. Today, NanoPhyll is generating volume sales into the construction and transportation sectors with pilot projects in the metals and mining processing industry.

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