Mariner Endosurgery
Innovation For Safer, Smarter Surgeries
Developing and commercializing innovative computer-assisted medical devices for future-facing laparoscopic surgeries

Mariner Endosurgery is a medical device company headquartered in London and Hamilton, Ontario that specializes in soft tissue surgical navigation for laparoscopic surgery.

Its premier platform, LaparoGuard uses its SAFE_ZONE and BLACKBOX proprietary technology to navigate tissue structures inside the body, while the system’s software tracks and records the delicate movements of laparoscopic tools and transmits an alert to the surgical team when instruments approach the perimeter of a surgeon-defined safe zone.

In addition, all data and instrument positioning and orientation are recorded for post-operative playback and traceability.



Fast Facts
Life Sciences & Advanced Health - Medical Devices:
Leadership Team
Mitch Wilson
President & COO