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About us

FluidAI Medical is a Series A, clinical-stage medical device company located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, particularly at the Medical Innovation Xchange (MIX). FluidAI Medical is developing solutions that enhance patient recovery by providing healthcare practitioners with timely, insightful, and objective data about their patient’s recovery. FluidAI Medical is initially focusing on providing early warning signs of anastomotic (gastrointestinal) leak development in numerous general surgery procedures. The product’s sensing technology augments existing wound drains and catheters, monitors effluent, and delivers recovery data to healthcare providers to act on. To develop the product, FluidAI Medical worked with world-renowned institutions and surgeons in Canada, the United States, and the MENA region.

Program engagement

FluidAI Medical


Youssef Helwa

Co-Founder and CEO

Amr Abdelgawad

Co-Founder and COO

Abdallah El-Falou

Co-Founder and CTO


Intellectual Property