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Fitsentive is a Free App where users can find hundreds of on-demand, guided workouts from a growing roster of Trainers. We help Motivate our Users to Exercise by Rewarding them to Workout!

Our platform also enables Certified Fitness Professionals to instantly & easily Monetize their online workouts while gaining exposure to a global audience.

As all of our Workout Videos are currently Narrated in English or have English on-screen text & have therefore focused primarily North America & other areas where English is the language of majority.

We have come to know our audience as 85% Women, aged 20-55.
More specifically, our audience is comprised of two major groups:

1. Women who Workout – these “customers” are women who are already working out on a regular basis, possibly using another fitness app. As they are already using apps to workout, they are familiar with the style & are attracted to the incentive model.

2. Women who want to start or have just started their fitness journey

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Zack Magerman

Founder & CEO

Nicole Rakowski

CFO - Chief Fitness Officer

Warren Yee

Lead Advisor


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