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Founded in 2020, Fero International Inc. (“Fero”) is an innovative modular medical technology and infrastructure company that creates hard-shell pressurized mobile medical units designed and built in Hamilton, Ontario. Its proprietary systems provide scalable, modifiable, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective solutions for healthcare infrastructure, disaster relief and aid. Units are prefabricated, require minimal site preparation and are operational within hours of delivery. Intending to make healthcare accessible to all, Fero’s mission is to bring cutting edge, sustainable and cost-effective modular solutions to the most vulnerable or remote populations around the world. Fero’s products are primarily intended for healthcare, through the offering of facilities for hospitals, laboratories, mining sites, military remote communities and long-term care homes as well as for crises such as natural disaster and war.

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Fero International Inc.


Sabrina Fiorellino

Founder and CEO

Alex Scopacasa

Founder and COO


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