AI Endurance
Evaluate, Adapt. Optimize.
Say Goodbye to Training without Progress.

AI Endurance uses artificial intelligence to create personalized training plans. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or triathlete AI Endurance will plan to your specific goals and capabilities.

At AI Endurance, we believe in a modern way of endurance training. A more personalized, scientific approach to help athletes of all skill levels unlock new potential. We’re passionate about it, and our mission is to personalize training. We specialise in artificial intelligence and we’re here to bring it to the forefront of training. We’re excited to simplify training through our program and break the mold of “one size fits all” training plans.

AI Endurance utilizes fitness data collected from your GPS watch, smartphone and powermeter. With the power of artificial intelligence our application creates a personalized training plan that is motivating, and simple to follow. Take the stress out of planning and start seeing your unique fitness potential today!


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