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Able Innovations Inc. is a robotic medical device venture founded in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang.

Able is on a mission to advance quality of care, efficiency and safety in healthcare through user-centric robotic innovation. Able Innovations’ product, the ALTA Platform™, is an automated and intelligent lateral patient transfer device that enables a single caregiver to lift and move immobile individuals in a safe, efficient, and dignified manner, while requiring no physical effort from the operator. The goal is to achieve drastic reduction in patient and caregiver injuries, and significant improvements in operational efficiency, care experience, and the financial sustainability of hospitals.

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Able Innovations


Jayiesh Singh

CEO & Co-founder

Philip Chang

CTO and Co-founder

Sebastian Martinez

Sales and Business Development Officer

Prateek Mishra

Operations and Business Development Officer


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