Able Innovations
Safe. Efficient. Dignified.
Patient transfer technology to change how healthcare is delivered.

At Able Innovations, it is our mission to leverage new and exciting technological advancements to develop products that bring dramatic improvements in healthcare delivery and quality of life.

Founded in February 2018, Able Innovations is first focusing on solving the problem of patient transfer in healthcare today.

With the passion of CEO Jayiesh Singh and technical expertise of CTO Philip Chang, we’ve made significant progress in reaching this goal to date. We have assembled a passionate team of capable and driven individuals and are fully committed to solving the pressing problem of transfer in healthcare today.

We find ourselves at the intersection of rapidly advancing technologies, and demographic trends that threaten the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Able Innovations is poised to change this paradigm with our advanced transfer technologies.


Fast Facts
Life Sciences & Advanced Health - Medical Devices:
Leadership Team
Jayiesh Singh
CEO & Co-founder
Philip Chang
CTO and Co-founder