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Fleeky is a social web platform that facilitates the connection between beauty professionals and beauty seekers. Beauty professionals can market, manage and grow their clientele as beauty seekers browse and book their services by location, price and reviews. Fleeky was co-founded by Anita Grant and Tamina Ahmadi in 2017. Both Anita and Tamina went to Ryerson University and had very similar professional experiences after graduating. “We weren’t happy and decided to get serious with Fleeky.” says Grant. They are now are a team of six, adding 2 developers, 1 marketer and 1 beauty professional.

Anita’s Inspiration for Fleeky was her eldest sister. At the age of 19 she decided to quit her job and start her own business, HairByNaiNai. “She had the creativity and I always had a love for business.” Says Grant. Anita would help her sister create her business plan and strategize new ways to grow her clientele. Through the process Anita learned that there weren’t many resources available for freelance beauty professionals. It wasn’t until she personally experienced the nightmare of needing a last minute makeup artist on the day of her friends wedding. That is when she realized both beauty professionals and beauty seekers have the same pain, connecting.

“The best part of being in a startup is that everyday brings something new. A new experience, a new interaction, a new lesson!” Anita says she is constantly learning and challenging herself. Though she finds the most challenging part is finding a balance in taking time for herself.

Fleeky stands out amongst its competitors because of it’s community. Fleeky’s mission is to encourage diversity, support entrepreneurship and empower women. Although they are a web platform, they are actively building a positive community for beauty professionals through their social media and events.

Anita has one piece of advice to share to other entrepreneurs “step out of your comfort zone and stay positive!” Although she is still in her early stages of her business, she acknowledges the amount growth she has already experienced throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Check out her website here and make sure to follow her on social media!


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