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Ogena Solutions talks about Pets and COVID-19

Local company, Ogena solutions it quoted in this article which appeared on hamiltonnews.com by Mike Pearson. To view the original post click here.

High-risk households should ensure their pets are clean and tidy, says veterinary advisor

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to give your dog a bath once every two weeks, or more frequently depending on the length of the dog’s hair. High-risk households should take added precautions with respect to COVID-19, according to Dr. Lucas Pantaleon. – Mike Pearson/Torstar

While physical distancing is an important tool to prevent community spread of the novel coronavirus, it’s also a key consideration for pet owners, according to Dr. Lucas Pantaleon, a veterinarian and technical veterinary advisor with Ogena Solutions.

Although it’s not yet known for certain whether dogs and cats can be infected with COVID-19, Pantaleon notes that back in 2003, it was shown that cats could carry the SARS virus in their upper respiratory tracts.

For pets in a high-risk household – where at least one family member is showing COVID-19 symptoms for example – it’s important to practice physical distancing with pets, Pantaleon said.

If someone in the household is coughing and sneezing and is in close contact with a pet, Pantaleon warns the pet could potentially transmit the virus in their hair to a susceptible person.

In those cases, pet owners should practice physical distancing with their pets.

“Try to minimize contact between pets and avoid crowded dog parks,” said Pantaleon.

If contact is unavoidable, Pantaleon recommends bathing your pet with a pure oxygen shampoo.

Based in Stoney Creek, Ogena Solutions is a leading biosecurity and infection prevention company that provides services, equipment and disinfectant products to the companion animal and animal agriculture industries.

Ogena also makes a soap product with a hydrogen peroxide component, although it hasn’t been specifically tested on the novel coronavirus.

If you’re living in a high-risk household and you need to take your pet to a veterinary clinic, it’s important that the pet is bathed with shampoo to decrease the amount of potential virus on their fur, said Pantaleon.

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