Bug Mars featured on list of 10 innovators with technologies to help you live sustainably

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, marsdd.com, Jacqueline Spicer | September 29, 2022

A new group of entrepreneurs has joined the RBC Women in Cleantech Accelerator, and they’re changing everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear.

Animal-free milk, compostable menstrual products, faux leather made from mushroom roots and an ink that coats substrates in solar panels. These are among the innovations of the 10 early-stage women-led startups in the latest RBC Women in Cleantech Accelerator cohort.

“Solving the world’s climate challenges needs more than just good ideas — they need to be actionable,” says Leah Perry, a senior manager in cleantech venture services at MaRS. “This cohort will accelerate the development of some exciting new clean technologies, from sustainable fashion alternatives to how we eat, mine for minerals and produce energy. These women entrepreneurs are primed to become the climate leaders of tomorrow.”


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