Altus Assessments acquires One45

Acquisition of the MedEd management software company advances Altus’ vision of helping academic programs identify, select, and nurture all students to become exceptional professionals.

TORONTOAug. 18, 2021 /CNW/ – Altus Assessments is pleased to announce the acquisition of One45 and its MedEd software platform which, combined with Altus’ research-backed admissions assessments, provides medical schools with the operational tools and end-to-end data analytics they need to run great programs and train better doctors. With Altus’ footprint across health professions and higher education, now even more academic programs will gain meaningful insights on their students to support them across their entire journey, from recruitment, through admissions and training, until graduation.

“This is a major step forward for us in building a world served by exceptional professionals,” says Rich Emrich, CEO of Altus Assessments. “The combination of these powerful tools will help programs address the learner’s entire journey and empower students in their professional development as they pursue their dreams.”

“We’re proud of what we’ve built at One45 and the ways in which we’ve been helping MedEd programs continuously improve their training and student support,” adds Brian Clare, CEO of One45. “Joining Altus gives us a meaningful opportunity to be there for programs and learners right from Day 1.”

Medical schools usually pull information manually from up to 30 different sources, making it difficult to assess applicants reliably, monitor student performance, and improve their own programs and learner supports. Currently, the average acceptance rate for U.S. medical schools is less than 7 percent, while drop-out rates range anywhere from 7 percent to 35 percent depending on the length and type of program as well as students’ personal challenges. Issues of professionalism also make up the vast majority of disciplinary actions imposed by medical boards in the US.

As a unified company, Altus will help medical programs overcome these challenges by providing reliable and validated methods for identifying, selecting, and nurturing exceptional learners, including:

  • research-backed admissions and formative in-program assessments;
  • near real-time data on student performance that enable earlier and impactful interventions;
  • medical education program management, including academic and clinical placement scheduling, curriculum mapping, and student assessment; and,
  • a robust data warehouse and insights platform where contextualized longitudinal data can drive curriculum improvement and facilitate data gathering to make accreditation easier.

For learners, Altus will offer a fair and standardized opportunity to stand out during the admissions process through its suite of assessments. As they enter training, Altus will continue supporting learners’ professional development with formative assessments and insights that help them understand what areas to improve as they pursue their dream.

Updata Partners and CIBC Innovation Banking provided financing for the transaction, while CIBC Mid-Market Investment Banking acted as exclusive financial advisor to One45.

About Altus Assessments:
Altus empowers higher education institutions to look beyond book smarts, and to identify and nurture exceptional professionals by using unique data to generate meaningful insights that influence key academic decisions. We do this through Altus Suite, made up of Casper, Snapshot, and Duet – assessments that provide a clearer, more holistic view of applicants, as well as formative assessments that support the development of in-program learners into exceptional professionals. Our assessments are used by over 400 academic partners in the US, CanadaAustralia (and growing!) with 200,000+ applicants taking our assessments each year, including 90% of Canadian and US medical school applicants. We also host the Admissions Summit, an annual 3-day conference, and power the Alo Grant, an annual $100,000 research fund. Learn more at

About One45:
One45 has grown from an evaluation-only system to a MedEd management platform that powers the unique operations, data collection, and reporting needs of over 100 medical schools worldwide. Its analytics offering provides medical schools with deep insights into program, cohort, and individual student performance. At its core is a data warehouse engine that allows medical schools to seamlessly integrate and centralize MedEd data sets in near real-time. One45 helps medical schools streamline day-to-day operational details and provides easy access to the data required to optimize programs and student performance.

For further information: Media Contact: Tony Vlismas, Director of Marketing and Communications, Altus Assessments, [email protected]

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This press release was originally shared by Altus Assessments on August 18, 2021.

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