The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has accepted 23 companies to land globally this winter, as a part of their Soft Landing program.The program helps mature startups and small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) from across Canada to grow their businesses through new revenues or investments in foreign markets.

Program participants receive access to office space for up to three months in their desired destination, plus up to $4,000 CAD to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Since 2012, CDMN has helped 531 Canadian companies expand internationally through this program via 739 landings abroad to 63 countries, resulting in more than $87.3 million in new revenue, more than $90.3 million in investment opportunities and 250 jobs created.

Companies landing in the winter 2018/2019 cohort are (destination in brackets):

26 Day Inc. (DBA RoadLaunch) (London, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland); 2G Robotics (Qingdao and Beijing, China); Aeriosense Technologies Inc. (Charlotte and Atlanta, United States); Aimsio (Denver, Midland and Escondido, United States); ALTS Canada Inc. (Manila, Philippines); Autonom Inc. (Mumbai and Bangalore, India); Betterez (Dublin, Ireland; New York City, United States; London, United Kingdom; Monterrey, Mexico); Biba(Dublin, Ireland; Brentwood, United Kingdom); Compusult Limited (Raleigh, United States); FastApps (Seoul, South Korea); GameStrat (Orlando and San Francisco, United States); Geonavo Positioning Systems Inc. (Fayetteville, San Francisco and Revera, United States); Hedgehog Umbrella (Xiamen and Shezhen, China); Humi (San Francisco and New York City, United States); Lux Second Chance Ltd. (London, United Kingdom); Pegasus Aeronautics (Sydney, Australia; Hamilton, New Zealand); Planbox (New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, United States; London, United Kingdom); Plankk (Los Angeles, United States); SmartCone Technologies Inc. (Brisbane, Australia; Orlando and Willow Grove, United States); StatsRadio (London, United Kingdom); Transparent Kitchen (New York City and San Francisco, United States); unilingo (Huntsville, United States; Buenos Aires, Argentina); Wolf and Grizzly (Denver, United States; Shanghai and Guangzhou, China).


About The Canadian Digital Media Network

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), is a network of 26 regional innovation hubs across Canada, all focused on supporting Canada’s digital entrepreneurs. Designated a federal Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research, CDMN is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in the digital economy. Follow @CDMN on Twitter, join the Canadian Digital Media Network Group on LinkedIn and like the CanadianDigitalMediaNetwork Page on Facebook.

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