About VendorPM

VendorPM, a software-enabled marketplace, revolutionizes property management by fusing vendor management, sourcing, procurement, and compliance. As a two-sided platform, it empowers both property managers to find vendors and vendors to promote their services effectively.

Their problem

The previously early-stage VendorPM was in need of business guidance and support with hiring, go-to-market strategy, product validation, and funding opportunities.

Our solution

Innovation Factory connected VendorPM with expert resources, sales and marketing mentorship, guided them to potential funding, and provided market intelligence for product validation and strategy development.

Company success

Capitalizing on Innovation Factory’s mentorship and resources, VendorPM went on to secure a $6 million seed round. They now manage 30,000+ vendors, 100+ management groups, and 50,000+ buildings across Canada and the US.


“Starting a tech company can be scary and the team at Innovation Factory made that a little less daunting. Their willingness to help is incredible and makes you ever more proud to be a McMaster Alumni!”

– Emiel Brill, Founder

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