Startup Preteckt Engineering Urban Transportation Fixes from Memphis

Preteckt is an Innovation Factory and CITM Client currently piloting their predictive software that can proactively detect vehicle breakdowns.  Learn more about Preteckt in our iF Client Spotlight or at their website

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The Big Apple and the rest of New York are getting a little help from Memphis. As a part of an accelerator program, four promising technology companies are piloting products for improving subway and bus services for the five million New Yorkers who take public transportation every week.

Preteckt is one of those companies hoping to leave a mark. With a focus on heavy-duty vehicles, the Tennessee based startup specializes is predicting maintenance breakdowns before they happen.

The company is being given a shot to demonstrate how it can improve public transportation through a local competition called the Transit Tech Lab, in which the winner could become a major contractor with New York’s multi-billion dollar Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the nation’s biggest mass transportation system.

The competition is being run by the Transit Innovation Partnership, a public-private initiative seeking to reclaim the region’s crown as the leader of mass transportation. MTA chairman Pat Foye hopes the partnership can help the agency discover breakthrough solutions.

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