Routible – Simplifying and Optimizing Driver Routes

When Shane Son Kee worked for a mobile pest control company in 2012, he noticed how long and arduous the process was to manage appointments. The paperwork was piling up between assignments, and business was slow. Son Kee saw an opportunity and sought out to create a software platform that would eliminate paperwork, therefore optimizing business growth. In 2013, Son Kee and Moe Gaber co-founded Routible.

Routible is a technology company that makes it easier for mobile fleets to dispatch more appointments and reduce administrative work. Businesses from startups to public companies use Routible’s software to dispatch their mobile workforce to provide more efficient services.

Currently, Routible is working with many diverse companies within the local service and delivery mobile fleet industry including smart home installations, mobile car repair, tow trucks, local deliveries, wholesale deliveries, wildlife pest control, plumbing and HVAC.

Gaber and Son Kee have grown their team to 6 employees, secured $230K from investors and in grants, and they show no signs of slowing down. “Scaling a business is about taking one step at a time. Right now we are in a position where we plan to scale our sales significantly within the next 12 months,” said Son Kee.

To maintain business growth, Routible also plans to continue to refine their product. “Innovation is incredibly important to us as a business. To grow and stay ahead, it’s crucial for us to innovate while keeping our customers’ needs a priority. We learn what is and isn’t important to them, take that feedback and innovate our software,” explains Son Kee.

Routible has been working with Innovation Factory and The Centre for Transportation and Mobility (CITM) since 2018. “The team at Innovation Factory really make us feel supported – it almost feels as though we have another board member that will provide us with honest, helpful and trustworthy advice when we need it,” says Son Kee.

Routible has big aspirations of becoming leaders in on-demand route optimization. Gaber and Son Kee believe that efficiently powering local deliveries and service calls, route optimization has the potential to change the way we live our day-to-day lives.

To learn more about Routible visit their website or Linkedin.

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