Obie Releases Browser Extension

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Originally posted by Chris Buttenham on LinkedIn — “Today, I am thrilled to announce the biggest product advancement our company has made since Obie first appeared in the Slack App Directory in 2016…

👉 The Obie browser extension

Starting today, new and existing Obie customers can use the browser extension (available on all Chromium-based browser’s) to accelerate support and find knowledge within the flow of work.

Our mission at Obie is to make company knowledge universally accessible and more useful. The Obie browser extension is a huge step towards realizing this mission as teams no longer have to have Slack in-order to benefit from our technology.

Furthermore, in light of a lot of organizations shifting to distributed work, today we are ALSO announcing…

👉 Obie Personal Free and Personal Pro plans

What this means is, even if your organization hasn’t adopted Obie, you can start to use the product free, for personal use.

Individuals in sales, support, marketing, product or even founders like me can now connect all of their tools into one searchable source of truth and accelerate work.

I’m so proud of the entire team for the effort in getting this across the finish-line.”


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